Market Analysis

A home market analysis consists of a comparison of homes that are similar to your home. Typically, we look at homes that have recently sold in or around your neighborhood and compare them with your home to estimate its listing price.

We will provide a report that will outline recently sold homes similar to yours in the same neighborhood and surrounding area. The report will be used to help you determine an appropriate listing price for your home and to inform you about the price range you can expect based on your local market.

We will also discuss factors that can increase or decrease the price you’re able to get, such as your home’s condition, location, and features.

The key to selling a home is knowing how to price it so it will sell quickly and for the highest possible price. We will create a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) listing the details of your home, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, and square footage.

We will compare your home with similar neighborhood homes that have sold, noting their differences. This will allow us to determine the value of your home based on its features and provide a detailed report of the CMA.